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The following text was written as part of my curicilum in New Creative Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria. To conduct an interview with yourself is a therapeutic and self-exploring exercise that would be helpful not only to artists, but to any human who seeks personal growth.

How did you get here?

I persevered. I always do.

But why did you decide to come?

Because I had to move on, it was time to let go.

Do you enjoy it here?

Sometimes, when the pain has exhausted itself. When silence wins in my mind I enjoy myself quite a lot actually.

How often does that happen?

Every now and then. The more unpredictable the world becomes the easier it is to feel the freedom.

Can you describe the feeling of freedom?

I’d like to think I can. Feeling free means to trust the universe and yourself so deeply, that there is not a single worry in your mind. Like when you hitchhike and there is no way you can be sure a car will stop and give you a ride, but you do it anyway because you trust existence and your path.

Have you achieved that?

For a temporary amount of time. It takes practice to keep that state of mind. I am still learning.

When will you have learned enough?


What is your advice for the world?

Make sure you take enough pauses and have a good sense of self.

Why are you so eager to share yourself with the world?

Because I want others like me to feel like they belong in this world.

What is your most sacred dream?

To live in a world designed with love. To breathe freely, to walk safely, to keep each others lights lit and honour our own and others’ experiences.

Isn’t that naive? People say it’s impossible.

I learned not to care what people say. It took me years. I also studied people who support my dream. They put a foundation in today’s world through art. It is my turn now.

Who are you?

A leader. An Artist. A shaman. Nature’s voice. Love. Light & Motion. Energy. A work of God.

How can you say such things with such ease? Aren’t they a bit egocentric? 

In my current state of consciousness I am certain there is no better way to express who I am. The concepts of those definitions presented themselves to me and I chose them. I resonate with those words when I describe myself the most. If you’d like I can say that I am a photographer or painter, or a writer, even a philosopher or someone interested in the psychology & healing of human minds. But I am merely a creature who was born like everyone else that ponders every day at the remarkable wonder of life.

Are we truly in a crisis?

The external crisis could very easily lead to a mass internal crisis. It is important that as many of us keep a light shining for everyone else to witness, so they can feel safe and we can get through this eye-opening transition period together.

How long is this interview going to take?

I guess as long as you have questions. For me it’s gonna take my whole life. For you it’s just an excerpt.

Who are you?

I already told you.

No, like really. Who are you?

When people do that I often start questioning myself. There is no trust. I must be some kind of a liar. I can’t be the way I am. In the beginning of my life that made me weak and defined by others. But now it’s different. This is who I believe I am. This belief is a protection for me. This is how I feel safe.

Is this a work of art?

It might be classified as such. We will see.

Does art need to be classified to exist as an art?

You are right. This is an artwork.

Thank you.

Thank you.



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