Changing the world one idea at a time

My story

My journey so far has been very rich. I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel and get professional and business education from Babson College & Lehigh University during their summer programs, as well as Public Relations at New Bulgarian University.

I have won numerous educational scholarships for leadership, entrepreneurship, business and professional skills, and travelled the world for free thanks to the incredible programs that found me fit for their training.

Most recently I enrolled with a scholarship in New Creative Academy, based in Sofia and started my professional education in Performance and Science&Art.

I love collaborating with fellow artists on their projects, and I love joining forces with social causes that are worth fighting for including natural preservation, human and animal rights, healthy lifestyle. My skills are at the disposal of any business or NGO that supports those.

In my heart, I have always been a passionate artist. I started drawing and writing poetry at a very young age. I love exploring new mediums of art, mixing them and present something unique &  meaningful in the end. I now have a multidisciplinary exhibition supported by the Bulgarian National Culture Fund in my portfolio.

My art has been described as transcendental, healing, inspiring and full of love. This was always the intention. I dedicate myself to mastering more and more skills, so I can produce something of value to humanity and bring a higher understanding of ourselves.