Changing the world one idea at a time

Going deeper

Born in 1994 in Lovech, Bulgaria Ele is raised by a big family. She spends her childhood summers in a small village where she was encouraged to play with nature and explore art. Until winning a scholarship as an exchange student in the USA, Eleonora spends her time as a quiet misfit in school.

At 16 she leaves her home country through the YES program for young leaders. In her American school, she studies Ceramics, Creative Writing, Philosophy, American Literature and more. Her mind is encouraged by dedicated teachers there which later on inspires her to become an English teacher for a year.

During her time spent as a Public relations student at New Bulgarian University, she gains experience in PR and marketing through various internships in well-known Bulgarian companies. She spends her summers expanding her skillset by being awarded more scholarships for Business education and professional skills at Babson College and Lehigh University.

As the Covid-19 pandemic hits, she feels called back to art and nature and applies for yet another scholarship, this time from the National Fund of Culture. At 27 she debuts as an artist with a multi-disciplinary exhibition called The Human Experience that includes her artworks from a very early age to that moment showcasing photography, childhood photos and videos, writings, essays, diaries, a film and even an art installation. The exhibition aims for her to step into the art scene but also to bring back human connection, by exploring how one relates to society.

In 2021 she enrolls with a scholarship in New Creative Academy to study Performance and Science & Art. Her courses finish with a group exhibition and she performs the piece “Liberation” and presents the beginning of “Keys to Consciousness”.

She collaborates with many fellow underground and well-known artists as a photographer, model and stylist.

She joins forces with social causes that are worth fighting for including natural preservation, human and animal rights, education, health and wellness.

Ele’s art has been described as transcendental, healing, inspiring and full of love. Made with the conscious intention she dedicates herself to mastering more and more skills, so she can produce something of value to humanity and bring a higher understanding of ourselves.