In My Skin,

A Crochet Art Installation


Siyana Raykovska, the artist behind the project

What I Did

A digital campaign that included a Social Media Plan and Implementation for a week before the event, portrait photography, and edits of the event photos.

The “In My Skin” project is based on an artistic study that wants to show the complex relationships that women have with their own bodies. The project examines the various factors that shape how we identify and form opinions about ourselves, focusing specifically on the impact that the cultural and social environment in which we grew up has had on us.

Many women are prone to hating their bodies because of impossible societal expectations

“Be prettier, thinner, fitter! How do you ask? But of course, by buying our product!”. Sometimes those same messages are trying to sneak into the self-care/love movement disguised as the solution to our insecurities. We are asked to be more or less than what we already are.

Siyana Raykovska, a rising artist, recognized this pattern.  Her most recent project “In My Skin” brings awareness to it.

More on the project

She used custom-made crochet techniques to recreate the bodies of several women and showcased them in a multimedia exhibition in Aalborg, Denmark. Siyana also recorded interviews with the women who talked about their relationship with their bodies. Each guest of the exhibition could sit in front of a “skin” and listen to its story.

Working with Ele is inspiring! I wouldn’t turn to anyone else when it comes to marketing & digital content creation. She has a strong artistic vision, a unique perspective, and is really devoted to every project she is involved in.
Most recently, she helped me with the marketing for my exhibition “In my Skin”, something that is very personal to me. And I am so glad that I got to collaborate with someone that not only brings professional expertise to the table, but is also so open, and I could trust & expand my project with.

Siyana RaykovskaArtist & Art Manager